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The gym has been part of my lifestyle for over 10 years, and I’ve practiced yoga weekly even longer. Mental and physical fitness mean a lot to me, as well as tracking the data to improve both. This year, my gym routine, like many of you, came to a screeching halt as gyms closed around the world.

Some of us figured out creative ways to workout from home until it was safer to return to the gym, and others may still be wary of going to gyms. …

What do you do when your client doesn’t want to follow a UX Design process…but wants “UX”?

Run. Fast.

Kidding. (Though sometimes running seems like a viable option when you don’t see eye-to-eye with a client.) Many of us have been there: You’re excited about a new consulting job or a cool project, you’ve got all your tools and templates ready to go, and just when you’re ready to hit the ground running, you learn they want to do things quite differently…and likely on an accelerated timeline. You think to yourself, “This is not the process I learned. This does feel normal. They’re out of guac and I always need guac on my Chipotle bowl!” </meltdown>


As of June 2015, Facebook Messenger had about 700 million users, despite a forced adoption in the beginning that sparked controversy, false privacy issues that went viral and a very low rating in app stores. Facebook users in general are fairly conditioned to rant and shout about changes, but typically get over those changes fairly quickly. Most of my friends and family are using now.

But yesterday I noticed something I’ve never seen before at the bottom of my screen.

I was intrigued. The Settings cog has an alert on it, in the same style as message alerts appear over…

Yes, this means you, too. While you may or may not know much about user experience design principles, you are using designs everyday that you created for yourself at some point in your life. In fact, you probably designed an experience today. You’ve been doing it for years, alongside companies like Apple, Disney, Google and IBM.

But don’t change your title on LinkedIn just yet. Let’s start with your kitchen first.

When you first moved in, you placed items like your coffee maker where you instinctively felt they belonged. Where they made sense to you. This was your first design…

Gabe Medina

Designer. Yogi. Music Producer. Foodie.

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